English. Exercises

  1. Տեղադրիր am, is, are.

Օր.՝ The weather is nice today.

  1. I am tired.
  2. This bag is heavy.
  3. These bags are heavy.
  4. There is Carol.
  5. My brother and I are Good tennis players.
  6. Ann is at home. Her children is At school.
  7. I am a taxi driver. My sister is a nurse.
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու ամբողջական, օգտագործելով Is, isn’t, are, aren’t.

Օր.՝ (your shoes very dirty)   Your shoes are very dirty.


  1. (my father teacher) my father is teacher
  2. (this house not very big) this is house not very big
  3. The shops not open today) The are shop not open today
  4. My keys in my bag)My keys are in my bag
  5. (Jenny 18 years old)Jenny is 18 years old
  6. (you not very tall)you arent not very tall


  1. Ավարտիր նախադասությունները, օգտագործելով am, am not, is, isn’t, are, aren’t.

Օր.՝ (I interested in politics.) I’m interested in politics.

  1. (I hungry)I am hungry
  2. (It warm today)it is warm today
  3. (I afraid of dogs)I am afraid of dogs
  4. (my hands cold)my hands arent cold
  5. (Canada a very big country)Canada is a very big cuntry
  6. (diamonds cheap)diamonds arent cheap
  7. (I interested in football)I am interested in tootball
  8. (Rome in Spain)Rome isnt in Spain
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական, օգտագործելով Is are.

Օր.՝  (at home your mother?) Is your mother  at home?

  1. (your parents well?)Are your parents well?
  2. (your job interesting?)is your job interesting?
  3. (the jobs open today?)Are the jobs open today
  4. (you interested in sport?)Are you intetesting in sport
  5. (near here post office?)Is near here post office
  6. (at school your children?)Are your children at school
  7. (why you late?)Why are you late
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու ներկա շարունակական:

Օր.՝(I wash my hair)  I am washing my hair.

  1. (It snow)it snowing
  2. (I sit on a chair)I siting on a chair
  3. (I eat)I am eating
  4. (It rain)It is raing
  5. (I learn English)I am learning English
  6. (He listen to music)He is listening to music
  7. (The sun shine)The sun shineing
  8. (She wear shoes) She is wearing shoes
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական:

Օր.՝ (working Paul today?) Is Paul working today?

  1. (what doing the children?)What are doing the children
  2. (you listening to me?)Is you listening to me
  3. (where going your friends?)Where are going your frends
  4. (your parents television watching?) Are your parents watching television
  5. (what cooking Ann?)Want is Ann cooking
  6. (why you looking at me?)Why are you looking at me
  7. (bus coming?)Is bus coming

7   Բային ավելացրու s կամ es

Օր.՝ read-reads, bus-buses

  1. He (think)thinks
  2. It (fly)flyes
  3. She (dance)dances
  4. He (have)haves
  5. It (finish)finishes
  1. Լրացրու նախադասություները օգտագործելով՝ boil, close, cost, cost, like, like, meet, open, speak, teach, wash այս բառերը:

Օր.՝ Margaret speaks four languages.

  1. In Britain banks usually opens at 9.30 in the morning.
  2. The City Museum close at 5.00 in the evening.
  3. Tina is a teacher. She likes Maths to young children.
  4. My job is very interesting. I meet a lot of people.
  5. Peter washes his hair twice a week.
  6. Food is expensive . It costs a lot of money.
  7. Shoes are expensive. They costs a lot of money.
  8. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  9. Julia and I are good friends. I Teach her and she speaks me.

9  Բառերը ճիշտ դասավորելով կազմիր նախադասություն:

Օր.՝ (always/early/Sue/arrive) Sue always arrives early.

  1. (basketball/I/play/often)I often play basketboll
  2. (work/ Ann/hard/usually)Ann usually work hard
  3. (Jenny/always/nice clothes/wear)Jenny wear always nice clothes
  4. (dinner/we/have/always/at 7.30)We have always dinner at 7.30
  5. (TV/Tom/watch/ never)Tom never watchs TV
  6. (like/chocolate/children/usually)Children usually like chocolate
  7. (Mary/parties/enjoy/always)Mary always enjoy parties

10  Նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական

Օր.՝  I like chocolate. Do I like chocolate?

  1. I play tennis Do you like play tennis
  2. Tom plays football Does Tom plays football
  3. You live near here. Do you live near here
  4. You speak English. Do you speak English
  5. Ann always goes away Do Ann always goes away
  6. She works at school Do she works at school

11 . Նախադասությունները դարձրու հարցական օգտագործելով Do կամ Does

Օր.՝ (where/live/your parents) Where do your parents live?

  1. (you /early/ always/get up?)Do you early alweys get up
  2. (how often/ TV/you/watch?)You does how often witch TV
  3. (you/want/what/for/dinner?)Want do you what for dinner
  4. (like/you/football?) Do You  like football
  5. (what/you/do/in the evening?)What do you do in the evening
  6. (what/means/this word?) What does this means word
  7. (your sister/work/where?) Where dose your work sister

12 . Տեղադրիր am, is are կամ do, don’t, does, doesn’t

Օր.՝ Excuse me, Do you speak English?

  1. Where is Ann? I dont know.
  2. What’s funny? Why are you laughing?
  3. What are your sister do? She’s a dentist.
  4. It is raining. I dont want to go out in the rain.
  5. Where are you come from? Canada.
  6. How much Is it cost to phone Canada?
  7. Tom is a good tennis player, but he doesnt play very often.
  1. Նախադասությունները դարձրու ներկա շարունակական կամ ներկա անորոշ:

Օր.՝ (you/speak/English) –Do you speak English?

Where is Tom? (he/have/a shower? – He is having a shower.

  1. Somebody is singings (sing).
  2. Ann is tired. (she/want/go/home/now) She wants to go home now.
  3. How often do you are read newspaper. (you/read/newspaper?)
  4. Excuse me but you sit in my place. (you/sit/ in/my/place.)
  5. It’s late. I am going home now. (go/home/now)
  1. Լրացրու նախադասությունները անցյալ ժամանակով:

Օր.՝ I (clean) my teeth three times yesterday.

          I cleaned my teeth three times yesterday.

  1. It is hot in the room, so I (open) opened the window.
  2. The concert started(start) at 7.30 and finished(finish) at 10 o’clock.
  3. When I was a child, I wanted (want) to be a doctor.
  4. The accident happened (happen) last Sunday afternoon.
  5. It’s a nice day today, but yesterday it rained(rain) all day.
  6. We enjoyed(enjoy) our holiday last year. We stayed(stay) at a very nice place.
  7. Ann’s grandfather .died (die) when he was 90 years old.
  1. Բայերը գրիր անցյալ ժամանակով

Օր.՝ get-got

  1. See-saw
  2. Play-played
  3. Pay-paid
  4. Visit-visited
  5. Buy-bought
  6. Go-went
  7. Think-thought
  8. Copy-copied
  9. Know-knew
  10. Put-put
  11. Speak-spoke

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