The Goose and Its Golden Egg!

Which of these phrases is repeated many times?

a) once upon a time

b) in a little while

c) little old

What does the Gingerbread Boy say each time he runs past someone?

a) “I can run away from you”

b) “I can eat you”

c) “You can’t catch me”

To whom does the Gingerbread Boy call out first?

a) a cow

b) a little old woman and a little old man

c) a field full of farmers

Who finally catches the Gingerbread Boy?

a) a fox

b) a little old man

c) a farmer

Գտիր կարմիր գույնով նշված բառերի հականիշերը









my flower

I have three varieties of plants: the first one is the mulberry plant, the next is the gossip family, and the third one I don’t know, but it is the most beautiful. The bamboo family is my oldest plant and I love all of my plants.


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