Բառերի հոմանիշներ




begin-get started

Բառերի հականիշներ




the strongest-the weakest






What is needed

Where is the key

How to make a primer

What to do with computer games or toys


Wonderful-Wonderfuler-The wonderfulest

fantastic-fantasticer-The most fantastic

Strong-Stronger-The strongest

Small-Smaller-The most small

Good-Gooder-The goodest

Interesting-Interestinger-The most Interesting

Near-nearst-The neast

Difficult-Difficulter-The most Difficuld

bad-bader-The bederest

Short-Shorter-The Shortest

Not go out much

They think its a good idea

He know how to play th violin

I have to clean up

She sleep late at the weekends

I love studying languages

We believe the Peime Minister

You understand the question

She want to go to the cinema

I like trying new kinds of food

David want some coffee

What do at the weekends

They work late on Frdeys

She have three daughters

You own a car

Where work

When go to her Chinese class

I belive you

She Think about her holideys often

You like going to restaurants

They read

I cook tonight

He see the doctor tomorrow

You eat chocolate

What you do

We make a mistake

You come tomrrow

It snow

John sleep at the moment

He dance

How get here

When start

I speak Chinese at the moment

jill drink tea now

He pay the bill at the moment

I stay with a feiend for the weekend

they come to the party

We study

I be silly













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